And now……

At the end of last week I decided that trying to get Orange to reconnect my office line and WiFi service was proving well nigh impossible. Of course, I’ve still no idea how or why I was disconnected but we’ll get into that (and compensation) once I’ve been reconnected.

Having called in a few favours, reconnection is now scheduled, but by no means guaranteed, for Monday 28 June, some 34 days after our disconnection.

Freed from having to hover near the Livebox waiting like a lovesick teenager for Orange to call, I’m going to enjoy the forthcoming week where wall-to-wall sunshine is anticipated. I shall be out and about as much as possible.

In the meantime, Orange have lent us an Airbox but it has a very weak signal. A Zoom call, for example, takes up all its capacity. This has meant we’ve been unable to watch any television programmes via the internet, such as this weekend’s MotoGP at Sachsenring. Following the action on Twitter really doesn’t cut it. It’s the third race I’ve missed which will become four next weekend at Assen.

Plus I’ve been unable to publish any of my usual posts littered with photographs. I’ll also be using this week to try and find some new work arounds. The changes to WP mean I can no longer access my photos chronologically by month or use photos directly from Dropbox. Also the new editor refuses to recognise anything written using the old editor, again a bit of an issue for me. But I’m confident, I’ll come up with solutions.

Meanwhile, thank you so much for all your supportive messages.

33 Comments on “And now……

  1. Wow this has become quite a hassle indeed and the fact that there is no real explanation of why this happened or even how many people are affected, is bothersome. Atleast they seem to be working on it and are trying to help but there is clearly no substitute so what you signed up for originally.

    I don’t want to go to far away from your main issue but I just have to say that I think it is awesome that you are a fan of MotoGP haha. I also like MotoGP, Formula 1, Lemans, Motocross, Rally etc 👍😂

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  2. 💜 In a Word Control Freak; it’s Experience, Learn from It as YOU ALWAYS!!! Do, LOVE YOU BOTH!!!


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  3. Well, it’s a step in the right direction at least. Here’s hoping they follow through with the rest of it.

    Get out and enjoy the sunshine, you deserve it after all this pointless drama.

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  4. Hang in there, it can only go up hill from now. I feel for you. When it gets super hot here for some reason our internet service goes down a lot. We have to switch over to regular Television when that happen…over the air shows. It is no fun not being able to visit with friends and family because the net isn’t working.

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  5. 34 days! I’d be climbing the walls. Not so much because of the lack of internet–believe me, that would drive me nuts–but the whole getting messed around by a company you pay. I’ve still got my fingers crossed that you’ll have normal service soon. 🤞

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  6. Thanks for your like of my post, ” Another Jesus – Teach Your Children;” I appreciate your kindness.


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