D Day – 2

If all goes well, our WiFi should be restored Monday afternoon. I have received endless emails and telephone calls from Orange to confirm the visit of their engineers.

It’s been a very long 4 plus weeks and a complete pain in the proverbial. Once the service is restored I will want to understand how and why it happened, more so we can prevent it ever happening again. Then of course we’ll be onto the thorny subject of compensation!

This weekend, once again, I’m limited to watching snippets of the MotoGP from Assen. However I shall at least be able to watch Le Tour de France and Euros 2020 on terrestrial television.

No need to feel too sorry for me as the weather is glorious and we’re off to watch some outdoor concerts in Antibes this weekend. Enjoy your weekend too, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

22 Comments on “D Day – 2

  1. Sure hope they come through this time. Waiting on a utility is sheer torture, even with other lovely things to do and some less satisfactory workarounds.

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