Musical Monday: Raise Vibration

I pretty consistently wake up feeling enthusiastic and ready to conquer the day, which means my vibrations are soaring high. On the other hand, if you’re feeling bored, stuck, and generally blasé, then chances are your vibrations are low and maybe this song will do the trick.

Raise Vibration is the sixth single from Lenny Kravitz’s 11th studio album (issued 09/18) of the same name which was released on his label Roxie Records via BMG Rights Management.

In interview Kravitz claimed that he struggled with serious writer’s block while trying to focus on this socially-conscious album, containing 12 tracks addressing multiple issues plaguing the world. As on most of his other albums, Kravitz plays almost all of the instruments himself. The album was recorded in Eleuthera island, Bahamas, in Kravitz’s studio.

Kravitz teamed up with renowned photographer and director Mark Seliger in The Bahamas, surrounded by natural splendour, the video intercuts footage of Kravitz rising from the ocean, singing atop a cliff, and ripping on a Gibson Les Paul as waves crash, water splashes, and the sun sets. A fire rages as tribal drums resound for the grand finale. It culminates with the message:

We can join together and through love we’ll get it done. We’ve got to raise vibration.

Kravitz commented that this song is very special to him. It’s all about hope, banding together and remaining fearless in the pursuit of passion and purpose. Kravitz and the video director particularly wanted to celebrate the beauty of the Bahamas in the video and try to capture the spirit of inspiration synonymous with the islands.

Kravitz has hunkered down in the Bahamas recording new music – for release very soon – since the onset of the Global Pandemic, no doubt continuing to draw inspiration from his surroundings.

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