Day: July 16, 2021

One from the Vaults: Reflections on the Tour de France 2017

As the 2021 Tour de France draws to a close this weekend, I revisit a post that I wrote about the Tour in 2017. There’s always a sense of loss the week after the Tour finishes. You have months of anticipation and speculation, three… Continue Reading “One from the Vaults: Reflections on the Tour de France 2017”

Cee’s Flower of the Day #123

I do enjoy showcasing beautiful flora – flowers, shrubs, trees, bushes and leaves – throughout the year. Challenge rules, why not join in? 1.Feel free to post every day or whenever you you feel like it. ¬†You can either post new flower photos or… Continue Reading “Cee’s Flower of the Day #123”


My beloved husband departed this morning at the crack of dawn for a 3-day cycling trip with the club. I am going to be luxurating – is that a word? – in the blissful solitude. As you know, I love spending time with him… Continue Reading “Freedom”