My beloved husband departed this morning at the crack of dawn for a 3-day cycling trip with the club. I am going to be luxurating – is that a word? – in the blissful solitude. As you know, I love spending time with him but equally I love a bit of « me time » which has been in severely short supply due to you know what. I have no plans, I’m just going to enjoy myself.

39 Comments on “Freedom

  1. 💜 It’s ‘luxuriating’ Control Freak; hope YOUR!!! “Beloved” had a Great Day as Do I For YOUR!!! Day Too


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  2. I didn’t understand the confusion with your post in the comments….then I read it again. Enjoy your time, Sheree. Glad your husband will be back, though! 😄

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  3. LUXURIATING is a word, luxurating, not. Moving right along, how dare you say such things about your husband! If my wife ever, ever, ever, said something similar about our time apart, well, I would……oh hell, she says it all the time. 🙂 Time apart, within reason, leads to improved time together. No doubt about that.

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