Holiday photo: 2

As I explained yesterday, we’re wending our way to the christening of our would-be god-children in Budapest. Our first few days are being spent at a familiar hotel on a small lake, which flows into Lake Garda, where we’ll be picking up a few bottles of one of our favourite wines. That’s another good reason for hiring a larger vehicle (not much room in Tom) aside from the fact that my beloved has packed pretty much everything, including the kitchen sink…..just in case.

The day got off to a great start with these gorgeous views from the terrace where we ate breakfast. The weather’s lovely so my beloved decided he’d just like to lounge around the pool today after catching up with his emails…..suits me!

15 Comments on “Holiday photo: 2

  1. πŸ’œ Seems Control Freaking is Osmotic, Symbiotic and Mutual Control Freak; what a Wonderful Journey YOU!!! and YOUR!!! “Beloved” ARE Having, May It Continue to ‘Until Death Do Us Part’


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  2. Self confessed just-in-case packer here also. None of the just-in-case scenarios I pack for have ever even happened. I’m working on packing lighter but it’s a process! Gorgeous view, I wouldn’t move far from that either.

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