One from the Vaults: Postcard from Manhattan I

In previous years, including last year, we have generally headed to New York in November. Not the best month for a spot of sightseeing but it’s rather dictated by my beloved’s need to attend a major dental meeting. This post is from way back in 2010. 

It’s incredibly cold here. So cold, in fact, that it reminds me more of Chicago, the Windy City. Fortunately, I have plenty of layers, I just didn’t expect to have to wear them all at the same time. It is, however, sunny and so I’ve been roaming around those districts, such as The Meat Packing District, where there are fewer high rises thereby allowing me to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Meatpacking District : le quartier branché et très en vogue de New York

Whenever I hit New York my first port of call is always the book stores. I like to check out all the new releases, particularly in the Cookery Section. This helps me decide how and on what to spend my Amazon Gift Vouchers. I can happily while away days in both Borders and Barnes & Noble.

Barnes & Noble - New York City, New York

I spent Saturday with my beloved but he was off to work on Sunday at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, leaving me to my own devices during the day. I have a packed programme planned which mixes Museum and Gallery visits with Xmas shopping and a cycling tour of New York. Yes, New York, a bit like London, has been sprouting bicycle lanes and so I decided to try them out.

Central Park -

It’s fair to say that cycling in New York is not for the faint-hearted. New Yorkers are not renowned for their patience and tolerance towards those on two wheels. However, by avoiding periods of peak congestion, I found it was a great way to enjoy the city and its parks.

Over the week end I was a woman on a mission. I’d decided what to buy to wear for my sister’s wedding in February, I just had to find one in my size, and I did. I can now order my bespoke hat from Jane at The Hat House and I’m good to go, as they say over here.

Hôtels Times Square New York | Quartier des théâtres de Broadway



I suffer badly from vertigo and the hotel we’re staying in has everything I dislike: glass lift shafts, courtyard hotel rooms, glass barriers, wall to wall views. I’ve not been able to use any of the equipment in the gym which is wall to wall glass, with views into the abyss. My beloved, of course, finds this mildly amusing as I cringe in the corner of the lift and edge along the corridors. To make matters worse, we’re on 31st floor. I normally never like being above 7th. But then I didn’t pick the hotel, our client did!

22 Comments on “One from the Vaults: Postcard from Manhattan I

  1. Thanks for the memories indeed many snow storms passed there my old neck of the woods, so many younger days souvenirs of US citizen and English and my first car driving ride to the Bronx Yankee Stadium of course all in my blog! Keep the snow there now lol!! Cheers

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  2. It’s amazing that Barnes and Noble is still occupying that historic building in Union Sq, while most others have closed throughout the city. It’s even more dire for the indy bookstores (I can count on my hand the number of bookstores in my borough of Queens), but also amazing that just a few blocks away, in another historic building, is The Strand! Overall, NYC is a totally different place than it was in 2010, so it was fascinating to have come across your post from the past! Thanks for these memories 🙂

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    • Thanks Adam and it’s such a shame that so many bookshops are closing. Obviously I’m not buying enough books but I’ve run out of bookshelves! In my dream house, I have my own library, plus a very large basement and a wood-fired oven in the garden. A girl can dream…….


  3. What an interesting read, Sheree. I don’t think suffer from vertigo, but I hate tall buildings and I dislike lifts; I fly through the doors because I always expect them to trap me before I’m through to the other side. I stand as near to the doors as I can, like an obstacle in the way just so I can rush through the doors first and then I finally breathe a sigh of relief.

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    • Thanks Sue. It’s not so much that I mind lifts, I mind glass lifts which seem to be everywhere these days. Not too good on open-sided escalators either.

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