Photo from Paris: Day 2

Today my beloved achieved a long-held ambition, he visited the Louvre for the first time! He’s tried to visit many times before but has always been put off by the lengthy queues. During the pandemic, entrance to all museums has to be pre-booked, a system which I frankly much prefer. On the other hand, I have visited the Louvre many times. So today’s quick trip around was a rather pleasant reminder. I say quick because he had a client presentation this morning and had to get back to the hotel for 18:00 for a Zoom meeting. I, on the other hand, had some free time to wander around which I very much enjoy.

15 Comments on “Photo from Paris: Day 2

  1. I have a feeling that it was at its most crowded in the years immediately after a certain best seller concerning the Mona Lisa, and the inverted glass pyramid became a cult phenomenon.

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