Musical Monday: Lenny Kravitz

I’ve seen Lenny Kravitz in concert many times and he’s never disappointed. I’m going to feature two of my favourite tracks – no mean feat because I pretty much love them all – enjoy!

Lenny wrote Thinking of You in honour of his mother, actress Roxie Roker, who sadly died of breast cancer in 1995. The track was released in 1998 and features on Lenny’s fifth studio album 5.

The singer told Rolling Stone magazine in 2018:

I wrote this after my mom died. It was a really hard time. It was basically a song to her, just asking her how it was, where she was now, what it’s like. Is it everything you would imagine it to be? It wasn’t an easy song to write; it took a minute. And the chorus was just talking about how I’m doing my best to make her happy and proud: ‘Thinking of you and all the things you wanted me to do be, and I’m trying.’ It’s just a beautiful tribute to my mother.

My second choice, his 1991 hit Always on the Run, from his second studio album Mama Said, was inspired by his mother’s  advice to slow down and enjoy life. The album takes its name from the song’s first line:

My mama said that your life is a gift.

This song features Slash from Guns N’ Roses on guitar who went to the same high school (Beverly Hills) as Lenny though they only knew one another in passing.

To write this track, Slash met up with Lenny right after finishing his European tour. Allegedly he jumped on Concorde and flew to New York. He’d asked Lenny to get him a gallon of vodka and a bag of ice, and they went in the studio and bang, there it was. The two of them wrote and cut the tune. Lenny played drums; Slash played guitar; then Lenny played his guitar, bass and did the vocals. Lenny brought the horn players in and it was done. Then Slash got on a plane the next morning and went to LA! Not sure this was following his mother’s advice, but…….

17 Comments on “Musical Monday: Lenny Kravitz

  1. OMG, some great selections from Lenny Kravitz today Sheree. πŸŽΆπŸ‘πŸ½πŸŽ΅ I’ve never seen him in person, but I love his music. The first video is so emotional, especially for those of us whose mothers are no longer with us. πŸ™πŸΌ The messages resonates the same. The second has a poignant, yet uplifting examination of where our life is headed. πŸ€” Thanks for the share today! πŸ₯‚

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  2. I love their video, Always on the Run… and I too, am a fan of Lenny. I haven’t seen him perform live though. He was in Radio City when we were in NY, but it was a sold out show 😦 We thought we’d have our chance πŸ˜€

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