I’m back

Well I don’t know about you but the festive period went by in a flash, far too quickly for my liking. I’ve still to regale you with part of our November trip to Paris and, of course, our pre-Christmas trip to Austria – Seefeld, where else? – and Bolzano.

Frankly, we had a great time over the period and I hope you did too!

Here’s a few photos from Xmas to New Year.

57 Comments on “I’m back

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  2. Hasn’t gone quickly enough for me, can’t get plumbers out to fix two broken toilets 🤦‍♂️ However I’ve always wanted return to Austria to visit Vienna, only on New Years Day when they hold a stunning Strauss based concert. Unfortunately there’s a 10+ years waiting list!

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  3. Hey, I’m back, too… I don’t know what the heck happened but it just dawned on me that I hadn’t commented on any of your posts in… FOREVER. I apologize profusely and repeatedly for my absence!

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    • No problem! I have similar issues and have to keep a list of blogs which I follow but whose posts don’t appear in my timeline!

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  4. Agree Christmas has gone to fast !!! I’m leaving my tree and decorations up for a week longer

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