Things my beloved has done: got Covid

We’re scheduled to fly to Dubai tomorrow – fingers crossed – and in the run-up to our trip had purposefully been maintaining a low profile. We’ve kept ourselves to ourselves, aside from a trip to the municipal dump. You may recall that here in France it’s masks pretty much everywhere, indoors and out, apart from at home. We’ve had our vaccinations and were sitting pretty. Or so I thought!

Last weekend we’d both felt pretty chilled after our Friday morning ride. The sun had been shining brightly but it was surprisingly cold. Saturday morning we’d both woken with the sniffles. The start of a light cold for me and the man flu for my beloved.

By Monday evening, he was complaining of all the text book symptons of Omicron and wasn’t hungry. This is a serious state of affairs as my beloved rarely, voluntarily misses a meal. Tuesday morning I booked him in for a PCR test and eight hours later it was confirmed, he had Covid. I went for a test the following morning and was negative. This says much about our social distancing and air cleansing routines at home.

We both stayed home in quarantine, we had plenty to do. It wasn’t an issue. We didn’t even go for a walk in the Domaine’s grounds, instead we sunned ourselves on the terrace. It did mean that a few more household chores were ticked off our very long “to do” list. Every cloud always has a silver lining.

My beloved went for another test early Saturday morning, still positive though feeling much better. His appetite had duly returned. I spoilt him – when don’t I? – with his favourite, delicious fish dishes.

How to Cook Scallops: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide | Epicurious

Garlic Caper Butter Baked Salmon

In order to comply with the prevaling complex travel rules for “green” countries, I had PCR tests booked for us both yesterday morning and then antigen tests this afternoon. I have also downloaded several apps, filled in a plethora of forms to meet said travel rules and have my travel dossier!

Please note, any further travel this year is likely to only be in Europe, by car or train. I do not want to have to go through all this paperwork again! Please feel free to remind me of this.

We were tempted to visit Dubai by a ridiculously cheap club class ticket offer from Lufthansa. Not as good as our usual carrier Emirates but 25% of the price – yes, that cheap. In addition, we can cancel and reschedule at no additional cost. The same conditions apply to our hotel booking. So we really had nothing to lose.

We typically visit Dubai at this time of year for a Dental exhibition. Sigmificantly, our last visit was two years ago. This trip will include a visit to World Expo and a couple of days’ business for my beloved. I have an urgent date with one of my favourite bookshops, that aside I shall be doing some serious chillin’ – or will I? Find out tomorrow……………

57 Comments on “Things my beloved has done: got Covid

  1. Fingers crossed for a successful trip. I’ve head some pundits way that it is now a case of when you get COVID not if you get COVID, even if you do everything correctly and have been vaccinated and boosted.

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  2. Glad that your husband’s recovered. Enjoy you trip, Dubai this time of year, from my England perspective, sounds great! Even better with a good flight deal.

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    • We always wear masks as do most in France and we’re triple vaxxed. It’s obviously highly contagious as you say Sadje and pretty much everyone we’ve virtually rather than directly spoken to recently has it.

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  3. Sheree, glad your hubby has recovered and you both have a trip to Dubai to look forward to. The seafood you fixed looks amazing. Stay in health and enjoy your trip.

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    • Andrew, the most amazing exhibition I ever visited was a big medical one (18 halls) in Dusseldorf. I spent all day in just two halls looking at supposedly minimally invasive ways of treating certain conditions. Let’s just say that something the size of my arm can never be minimally invasive! Dental exhibitions are much less scary unless you make a point of checking out dental implants. Glad to hear you’ve both dodged it so far.

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  4. My entire family got hit, it was not a fun time. Glad he is on the up’s now, and that you didn’t have any symptoms. I don’t blame you for staying in Europe, I have been longing to get back to Europe, but it’s just not worth the hassle right now!

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  5. Hope he gets over it,. Not to dwell on it but I am been against this mask distance thing as the virus is a lot more than that enough said. Best wishes

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  6. any idea as to where or from whom he became infected? the experts say that most everyone will get sick, it is not if they will but when. im glad to hear he is getting better and it just seems weird this covid will hit one member of the family and not anther even when living in the same house, etc.

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  7. Been there many times in the past. I was in Kuwait for 8 years or so and it’s only a short hop away – about the same as London Amsterdam or London Paris. Used to transit through on the way to Oz or NZ and hang out there for a day or two. I remember it before the building boom started and being a little saddened by all the old traditional parts of the city having been trashed to make way for ‘progress’. I’ve got no great desire to go there again to be honest. Been there, seen it, done it got the tee shirt! Enjoy😎

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  8. This is a warning to all travelers! Do not use TAIRS for your tour and other sorts of services. I and my family made our reservations for Dubai Al Maktoum Airport with Tairs even though we had tickets reserved a week in advance. But before our travel date, we received a mail saying that they had canceled our tickets. I and my family was upset about the scenario and were feeling bad. Also, we tried to call the managers of the Tairs as well as the CEO Attilio Perna. But not even a single one was concerned about the incident. After calling, we wrote an email, and after that, they responded that they will book the same tickets for the day again for another time. But again, the tickets were canceled. Then, again I myself tried to book the tickets, but after I booked it got canceled again within the 3 hours time period. Should I say that my family and I are unlucky? Or should I blame Attilio Perna and his TAIRS for the same? Unfortunately, after so many efforts of booking the tickets, we had to cancel our plan for travel. I personally would recommend you not to use the services of Tairs. All they do is make money, and then they are done!


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