Another Covid Update

The results of yesterday’s tests popped up promptly this morning. I received two SMSs. I knew exactly what that meant…….I was still positive. Admittedly, it was a weak positive but a positive nonetheless.

You way recall I had been annoyed that my beloved had re-booked our flights without consulting me because I had felt that a further three days since my last positive Covid test wouldn’t be enough – and I was correct. Of course, it gives me no pleasure to have been proved right in this case but, given that I’m right most of the time, you’d think that after the length of time we’ve been married he might, by now, have gotten around to listening to me!

As I’m typing this, he’s on the phone now to Lufthansa changing our flight to no earlier than next Friday. Once he’s done that I can re-book the hotel and our next set of tests!


52 Comments on “Another Covid Update

  1. It’s like the frozen flag pole, when you think about it… before long it becomes fun licking it just to see if you can keep from losing skin.

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  2. Just hang in and take care of yourself. Be gentle with yourself and your husband. You having a positive covid is a new and scary experience for both of you.

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  3. Annoying, but glad you’re not feeling ill.

    Your comment and the discussion here remind me of that old philosophical conundrum: “If a man speaks, and his wife isn’t there to hear him, is he still wrong?”

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    • Thanks! I’m not in the least bit ill. I had the sniffles and a bit of a cough. My beloved was off his food – so unlike him – heavy cold, fever, listless, woolly headed etc etc Everyone seems to be different.

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