Day: February 2, 2022

Things about France that surprised me: the French love of yoghurt

In France, yogurt isn’t just a good source of protein, it’s a national pastime. Picture Willy Wonka’s namesake factory, but filled instead with an intense variety of fermented dairy products. Welcome to the yogurt aisle in France. C’est bon! There are plain yogurts anchored with… Continue Reading “Things about France that surprised me: the French love of yoghurt”

Crêpes Suzette

It’s Pancake Day today (in France) and I’m going to be making crêpes Suzette as it’s one of my beloved’s favourite desserts. He loves ordering it at Le Train Bleu as the sauce is made and the dish flambéed at the table with a flourish.… Continue Reading “Crêpes Suzette”

Wordless Wednesday #110

Here’s another photo from one of my many #adventuresdownunder where there is so much wonderful scenery and fabulous beaches.