Photo from Dubai: Day 6

I saw very little of my beloved today, he was busy with his local distributor during the day and then, this evening, he was entertaining lots of ladies, all local hygienists. Left to my own devices – never a bad thing – I was pretty busy all day.

First, let me tell you about yesterday evening. There was a Dubai Sq Mile relay race round the DIFC which brought back happy memories of taking part in what was then called The Manny Hanny Road Race in London. I can’t remember whether it was five miles or 5 kilometres. On my first participation, the swaps team ran a book on my time – all profits to charity. I recall I ran under 30 minutes which wasn’t too bad I suppose.

In any event the race was fortuitous as we finally found the Lebanese restaurant we’d been seeking. Sadly the one at the foot of the Emirates Towers has closed. We weren’t massively hungry but managed a few cold mezze which were very good.

During our run earlier in the day, we’d found an interesting art exhibition in the base of one of the buildings photos of which I’ve featured today.





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    • You don’t need to go to Dubai to try Tabbouleh. I eat it regularly at home and in my local Lebanese restaurant. It’s delicious!


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