Photo from Dubai: Day 10

Yesterday started with a late  breakfast – well, it was the weekend – and continued in a similar vein as we lazed around the pool. However, once a stiff breeze blew up my beloved decided to go shopping. There was method in his madness, he’d spotted the Lululemon shop yesterday evening and was keen to add to his ever expanding collection. A brisk walk around the shops also ensured our 10,000+ step target for the day, before returning to the hotel gym to expend a few more calories.

Rejuvenated by our gym session, we decided to head for dinner at City Walk. We’ve visited on previous occasions and it had a very European feel. Sadly, that’s bitten the bullet during the pandemic along with many of the restaurants and retail. We ate in the only hotel in the area.

I hope you too spent today with your Valentine!



19 Comments on “Photo from Dubai: Day 10

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  2. You’re kind! All went beautifully here. I look forward to the pandemic limitations everywhere to be lifted. Have a good rest of the week!

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