Musical Monday: Jamiroquai

I’ve seen today’s artists Jamiroquai  a number of times, including outdoors at nearby Golfe Juan in 2005 which was rather magical.

Jamiroquai are an English funk and acid jazz band from London. Formed in 1992, they are fronted by vocalist Jay Kay, and were prominent in the London-based funk and acid jazz movement of the 1990s. They built on their acid jazz sound in their early releases and later drew from rock, disco, electronic and Latin music genres. Lyrically, the group has addressed social and environmental justice. Kay has remained as the only original member through several line-up changes.

The band made their debut under Acid Jazz Records, but they subsequently found mainstream success under Sony. While under this label, three of their albums have charted at number one in the UK, including Emergency on Planet Earth (1993), Synkronized (1999) and A Funk Odyssey (2001). The band’s 1998 single, Deeper Underground, the soundtrack to the 1998 film Godzilla, was also number one in UK and several other countries.

The music video was used as a promotional tool for the 1998 film Godzilla. Partly shot on location at Grays’ State Theatre, it depicts a 3D film theatre in which the movie is being shown. However, as the screen shows Godzilla walking on the ocean floor, one of its feet breaks the screen, causing water to flood into the theatre as if the screen were made of glass and everything behind it were real. The theatre turns into chaos as the audience tries to get out alive, in the midst of which Jay Kay appears and dances on top of the seats. Several other things go through the screen, including a helicopter, cars and New York taxis. Some stills from the movie are also interspaced between various scenes. At the end of the video, the camera pans out, and it emerges that this entire flood was itself being watched by a different cinema audience on another screen.

During the making of the video, the extras were not informed beforehand about the sudden influx of water near the start of the video, so the terrified reactions as they try to escape are actually genuine.


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  1. 💜 I AM SCREAMING!!! like a School 🏫 Girl 👧 at a Concert with the mere mention of “JAMIROQUAI!!!” 🙀 ; be still My Thumping Heart 💖


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