Simply Splendid Sporting Saturday

Or should I say, sporting weekend? I’m in heaven.

I was up at the crack of dawn to watch MotoGP qualifying from Indonesia. I’ve had breakfast and I’m going to be watching Milan-Sanremo from the start, a cycle race I normally watch conclude in Sanremo – but not this time. This is largely because I’m meeting a friend I’ve not seen for three years for a quick coffee. He’s fit me into his very busy trip to the Property Exhibition (MIPIM) in Cannes.

I’ll then be shooting back home to put on the second television screen so that we can follow a key football match, Aston Villa v Arsenal. Then we’ll have the conclusion of the cycle race before watching France v England rugby match where we’ll be cheering for our adopted country, hoping they will lift the six Nations’ Trophy. Then, I’ll be rising rather earlier than normal to watch the conclusion of the MotoGP racing. Finally, I’ll be watching another football match, Marseille v OGC Nice, a local derby and what fans would call a six-pointer!

I have already pre-prepared our meals so that I won’t miss too much of the action in the kitchen!

17 Comments on “Simply Splendid Sporting Saturday

  1. My comparable weekend: 48 televised basketball games on three TV sets set up in my living room for the occasion, which is the start of a 64-team playoff for the national collegiate title. It’s a feast; a six-course meal over three weeks. Tuesday and Wednesday served appetizers (4 preliminary games); a most delicious weekend followed with 68 teams in 32 then 16 games to whittle the field. Now the sweets number sixteen, and next weekend’s round cuts them to an elite eight. We finish with a toast to the final four on the third and last weekend, when three games leave just one standing. It’s my major holiday of the year.

    P.S. Good for you, but I made no time for lunch with friends, quick or otherwise. I am a glutton.

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  2. Second comment (because the first was all about me!): The alliteration in your title was an excellent choice, though I can never say/write ‘alliteration’ without thinking how incongruous it is that the word for using repetitive consonant-begun words does itself begin with a vowel. πŸ™‚

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