USA: holiday photo no 1

On Saturday we flew from Nice to Newark, New Jersey, for the start of our US holiday. We generated a frisson of excitement when we arrived in the airport, as our regular driver is also working the Cannes Film Festival and had all the relevant accreditations on his vehicle. You could see a few onlookers trying to determine who we were. I said to my beloved we should’ve worn dark glasses and hats. However, we pitched up at the same time as Anne Hathaway and interest quickly evaporated in the face of genuine Hollywood royalty. To give Ms Hathaway her due she posed for a number of selfies and gave a few autographs before being waved through Security and Customs. She wasn’t in the misnamed VIP lounge so obviously there’s a real VIP lounge where she relaxed before her flight.

Once again airport staff were impressed with our state of readiness and our paperwork, carried as usual in my rather weighty dossier. To be fair this also holds all of our hotel confirmations, museum and restaurant bookings, maps, insurances etc etc – never knowingly underprepared!

This was the first occasion we’ve flown with all business-class, French airline La Compagnie. Previously we’ve flown BA but last time (Nov/Dec 2019) we were very disappointed with its tired Club offering. We’ve been rather spoilt by Emirates! However we now have a viable, reasonably priced and fun alternative.

I wasn’t sure how long it would take us to clear US Customs which can sometimes take hours. I’d calculated that the queue was at least 1,500 metres long and it moved in fits and starts, a bit like a Mexican wave. We’d flown in after a rather large flight from Mexico whose passengers were being given a good grilling by customs staff. Of course, we too had the usual third degree but again I impressed staff with the size and contents of my dossier. If all else failed, I could use it as a weapon to batter them into submission.

I’d elected to stay overnight in the hotel airport before we picked up our hire car this morning to set off for Philly – not too far to drive on our first day. We are spending four days here enjoying its fabulous heritage heritage and wonderful gardens.

We’re away for 3 weeks and consequently I’ll post photos each day as I won’t have the time (or quite possibly the inclination) to blog.

23 Comments on “USA: holiday photo no 1

  1. Welcome! I think you’ll love Philly. There’s so much to do and see and of course such wonderful history. I look forward to seeing what you see and think when you have time.


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  2. Good going Sandy. We would love to go back to the States but the immigration stuff is off putting. Always a good idea to stay at the airport hotel first to refresh after a long flight
    Look forward to hearing about the rest 🚗🇺🇲

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  3. Enjoy the trip and take pics yes! I lived for 13 yrs not far from Newark and my first job ever was at EWR now call liberty international !!! memories forever!!!

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    • Oh just notice I have invitation for my High School class reunion 45th on October but do not think going, that is old history for me, memories yes!

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