USA: holiday photo no 2

As part of our US trip we’re spending a few days enjoying the museums and gardens of Philadelphia, followed by those of Washington DC.

We spent our first day enjoying temperatures of 35C wandering the historic areas of Philadelphia and enjoying its architectural delights.

We’re away for 3 weeks and consequently I’ll post photos each day as I won’t have time to blog.

34 Comments on “USA: holiday photo no 2

  1. Another of my trivia memorable town, glad you are enjoying it now I used to sell to supermarkets there with my father around Broad and market streets and others. Thanks for the memories Cheers

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  2. Lived in Philly briefly for a semester and it was a good experience. Glad you’re enjoying it, the historic nature of it and all.

    I suppose if you were coming to Austin, Texas you’d have let me know, or maybe not. I suspect you’re wise enough to not come to the south in summer. Then again I forget where you’re in France and maybe it gets plenty hot there.

    Just watch out for that deadly bird we have too much of in ‘merikuh… flying bullets. Bon voyage!

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