USA: holiday post no 22

We’re flying back home today and it’s been a glorious trip – farewell to USA, we’ll be back. Here’s a snapshot of our vacation.

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  1. thank you for all your pictures of my neck of the woods ! perfect timing before it gets too muggy, we have had several glorious days with mild temperature and low humidity indeed. but loads of rain (at least in central Jersey: sometimes we have the rain and my daughter in NYC doesn’t. That’s why it’s “Garden State” it’s very green, alternating sun and rain or precipitation all year long). I don’t mind the high temperature but can’t stand the humidity — not used to that in my native Cote d’Azur. So welcome back home ! PS : I did indeed also find a direct flight from Newark to Nice on the way out but not for coming back from Nice to Newark. Weird. (I’ll fly United (yuck) but using Lufthansa for my reservation). Maybe a seasonal flight ?

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    • La Compagnie flies Nice to Newark but only seasonal though it does fly all year round to Paris and Milan. I think they’ve also restarted the Delta flights to and from Nice.

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  2. Beautiful pictures thanks for the memories of old. I was last in the area in 2007 and do not think will be back. Life goes on..

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  3. Hi Sheree, thanks so much for sharing your holiday photos. They give so much joy. I have a questions about the elections in France. We are watching the English version of France24 a lot and it seems like the French politicians and partys do not do so much campaigning like in Britain and Germany. Is that impression right? Hope you have a great day

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    • Bee, I’m not sure that’s necessarily true. We certainly get plenty of junk canvassing mail and I was stopped in the run up to the presidential elections a number of times by people canvassing.


  4. As usual I have enjoyed coming along on your trip! Such beautiful photos of so many different places! Thank you so much for sharing and have a great day!😊😺

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  5. Sheree, those are great photos in your post. It’s Odell. The friendliness you have shown here hasn’t gone unnoticed.

    The tenth anniversary of my blog is today, so I appreciate you sticking around as a supporter of this hobby. Throughout everything you do, amateur or professional, good luck to you.

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