Musical Monday: Savage Garden

I’m still running with the theme of artists I’ve seen in concert more than once. Today I shine the spotlight on Savage Garden whose track Truly Madly Deeply I’ve previously featured on Song Lyric Sunday. So let’s have a look at some more of their work.

With album sales of over 25 million around the world, Savage Garden are one of the most successful Australian bands of all time. Of course, the duo only ever released two albums – their eponymous 1997 debut and 1999’s Affirmation. In 2001, the band went out at the top, with singer Hayes confirming their breakup following seven years of existence. Here’s one of their 1999 songs: Crash and Burn.


The band returned to the promotional circuit, albeit separately, to promote a new best-of compilation. The pair denied that they would ever reform saying that a band is it really is a marriage. In their case the marriage ended in divorce.

People don’t get married by accident and they don’t get divorced by accident.”

The multi-instrumentalist Jones left the band after finding dissatisfaction with the lifestyle. He’s avoided the limelight ever since he stepped away from it in 2001. He’s now based in Las Vegas with his wife and family, flipping houses for a living.

Hayes, who had a brief but relatively successful solo career, has also left music behind. Now based in Los Angeles with his partner, Hayes has found a new creative outlets though he still sees a future for himself in music.

Both seem to have their futures plotted out for them and they don’t give much thought to the past although they still have a lot of respect for one another.

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  2. Savage Garden was a huge part of my adolescence, and these songs were so nostalgic to listen to! I’ve recently been listening nonstop to a cover of Truly Madly Deeply by Yoke Lore that I love.

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