Month: July 2022

French fancies: Garnier-Thiebaut

I don’t know about you but I love crisp, white, high thread count bed linen and fluffy white towels. Hotels’ laundry takes a bit of a hammering so I’m always keen to see which brands they use. It’s often a French brand called Garnier-Thiebaut!… Continue Reading “French fancies: Garnier-Thiebaut”

Silent Sunday #108

It’s Sunday and today’s photo is from ma belle France.

The Musette: Padron peppers

A Spanish classic, these blistered little peppers offer an unbridled taste of sunshine on a plate and can be cooked from scratch in an instant. It’s hardly a recipe but it’s certainly one of our favourites once the peppers become available. It’s a dish… Continue Reading “The Musette: Padron peppers”

One from the vaults: Postcard from San Sebastian – 2016 City of Culture

Tomorrow there’s the  2022 edition of the Klasikoa in San Sebastián, a race I love seeing live. This year sadly, once again, I’ve resigned myself to watching it on television. Here’s what happened back in 2016. Typically, our visit to the Clasica San Sebastian… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Postcard from San Sebastian – 2016 City of Culture”

Thursday doors #161

Here are more doors from our most recent trip to the East Coast. Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favourite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in the fun… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #161”

Postcard from Washington DC: Part II

I’ve spread our meanderings over three posts and in today’s we’re heading for The Mall where many of Washington’s museums are grouped though I appear to have failed to capture pictures of all of them – probably mesmerised by all those Doric columns! National… Continue Reading “Postcard from Washington DC: Part II”

Wordless Wednesday #128

Wednesday is devoted to photos from Australia taken on one of my many #adventuresdownunder.

Postcard from Washington DC: Part I

With time at a premium in Washington, aside from visiting the Library of Congress, we just generally walked around the city looking at all its monuments, parks and civic splendours, roughly following a walking map I found online (below).   Washington DC, the US… Continue Reading “Postcard from Washington DC: Part I”

Musical Monday: Lauryn Hill

While writing about last week’s artist John Legend, I realised that I had seen Lauryn Hill twice, once as part of The Fugees and again as a solo artist. Lauryn Noelle Hill (1975 – ) is an American singer, rapper, songwriter and actress. She is often… Continue Reading “Musical Monday: Lauryn Hill”

French Fancies: L’Éclaireur

A bit like last week’s post, Paris is full of surprising shops. Here’s another one! Located behind a huge black door, only Parisians with a keen sense of fashion know this address since there is no other indication that it exists. Considered the first… Continue Reading “French Fancies: L’Éclaireur”