Musical Monday: Crowded House

We’re back from our vacation today and after five weeks of holidaying I now have enough ammunition to keep me busy blogging all summer long. But first, I’m stopping Down Under with Crowded House, another band I’ve seen a few times, who featured in Song Lyric Sunday back in February 2021.

In the eternal and (mostly) tongue-in-cheek rivalry that exists between New Zealand and Australia, no band has attracted quite as much contention as Crowded House. This band is loved on both sides of the Tasman, and it’s a tricky one to untangle, with two of the members of the Kiwi band Split Enz deciding to form Crowded House.

One was Neil Finn and the other was Paul Hester – a Kiwi and an Aussie, respectively. This is where it gets complicated as it was an Aussie and Kiwi from a famous New Zealand band, that formed a new band in Melbourne. Whatever side you stand on, the boys from Crowded House capitalised on the already established fan-base of Split Enz, and are still one of NZ’s (or Australia’s) most accomplished bands.

The band are currently touring after the Covid hiatus, showcasing their latest, seventh studio album “Dreamers are Waiting.”

The glorious surf video for a recent single Love isn’t Hard at All was produced by Neil Finn, using footage from surfing legend Kelly Slater:

Love Isn’t Hard At All and doesn’t Kelly Slater make it look easy. The sentiments and energy of our song seemed perfectly in synch with the flow and focus of the Surfing world’s most gifted expressionist. World Surf League and Kelly supplied footage of some of his recent incredible waves which I was delighted to edit together for this visual tribute to his power and grace.

The band has also collaborated on designs for sustainable clothing brand, Outerknown, co-founded by Kelly Slater. Is there no end to their talents?

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  1. I love Crowded House. And watching that video put me in a really chill mood. It was really incredible to watch. Thanks for sharing it.

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