French fancies: Garnier-Thiebaut

I don’t know about you but I love crisp, white, high thread count bed linen and fluffy white towels. Hotels’ laundry takes a bit of a hammering so I’m always keen to see which brands they use. It’s often a French brand called Garnier-Thiebaut!

With roots dating back to 1833 in France, Garnier-Thiebaut has become known as the designer and manufacturer of the highest quality table linens, bed linens, and accessories for the finest hotels, restaurants, casinos, clubs, and homes around the world.

Garnier-Thibeaut has pioneered many of the textile industry’s design and technology inventions for the production of fine linens. Today, the company’s manufacturing facility in Gerardmer, France is Europe’s most advanced centre for the design, colour and production of fashion fabrics — notably, table linens, bed linens and other textile accessories — for the hospitality industry and the home. Renowned for its luxurious damask designs, Garnier-Thiebaut is the only fine linens company that produces more than two complete collections each year.

Printemps-Été 2022 : les tendances linge de lit

Now part of the HDM Finance group, a family owned business since 1723, operated by its 13th generation. HDM is one of the biggest textile groups in Europe for the hospitality industry comprising a number of companies, though Garnier-Thiebaut is the only company in the group with a retail division.

How it all began

1833: Like many beautiful stories, Garnier-Thiebaut’s journey begins with the wedding celebration of two linen merchants, namely Virginie Thiébaut and Jean-Baptiste Garnier in 1833 who gave birth to Garnier-Thiebaut in Gerardmer, a beautiful French village built around a lake.

The water in the region was ideal to whiten the linen and made it the perfect place for textile companies to flourish. Soon Garnier-Thiebaut was renowned for its strong and bright products and kept developing through constant innovation.

The factory is destroyed by WWII bombing in 1944 and it took five years for the plant to rise from its ashes and the looms to buzz again.

The heirs of Garnier-Thiebaut decide to sell the family company in 1969 which retained its name and soul despite the successive changing of hands.

There was a sea change in the company in 1995 when its then CEO, Paul de Montclos, decided to enter the retail market. As part of his expansionary plans, Garnier-Thiebaut USA was created in New York in 1997. Further acquisitions followed, particularly in the US, whose HQ is now based in Arlington, VA. Subsequent CEOs have continued his vision and the company’s success.


The company has done much to improve its effect on the environment.

Métier à tisser Garnier-Thiebaut

1. It uses the heat generated by its looms to heat the offices.

2. Its manufacturing capabilities are based in the heart of the Vosges forest which it is are committed to maintain by minimising consumption and waste.

3. The bees on our dyeing site are proof of the quality of the company’s environment.

4. The factories have their own purification station so that the water discharged into local rivers is always clean.

5. The company’s own water turbine produces much of the electricity it uses.

6. The company is committed to keeping jobs in France and promoting the Vosges region.

7. The company has created a 100% plant based detergent to help its customers and employees take care of our environment too.

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  1. I love high quality linen and table cloths. Very commendable that they are thinking about the environment. I have heard from several countries, that private companies are more advanced in this area than their governments.

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  2. 💜 Hmmm, I THINK!!! YOU!!! Know what I’ma gonna say next; so I AM NOT!!! gonna say it Control Freak, oops “I said it again” ~ Brittany Spears


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  3. There’s nothing better than a big fluffy comforter and climbing into soft sheets, especially after a long day! I dream of one day having a table that I can make a pretty tablsecape with for the holidays.

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