One from the vaults: Things my beloved says – Celine Dion’s in town!

This one harks back to 2017 but as Celine’s visiting Nice again this summer, it’s just as relevant. We’ve recently seen John Legend and Alicia Keys but they were both concerts I wanted to see and my beloved was happy to tag along. Of course, he’s now been converted, just like Gregory Porter last year.

Yes, Celine Dion’s in town and there are still unsold tickets! This isn’t as unusual as you might think. The French don’t like to pay for things months in advance, they like to be more spontaneous. When my beloved unleashed this astonishing news I merely advised that if he wanted to go he would  a) need to buy a ticket and b) go on his own. I’m perhaps being unfair on Celine here. I’m sure her show will be fabulous and the woman has an undeniably fantastic voice but she’s just not my cup of tea, she’s my beloved’s.

In years past, I would’ve immediately acquired two tickets for the show and then, on the night, my beloved would be unavoidably detained somewhere and unable to attend. Leaving me with two tickets to a concert I never wanted to go to in the first place. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened over the years. However, I’ve gotten wiser in my old age. If he wants to see something, and I don’t, he has to buy himself a ticket. I can tell you now, he won’t be going to the Celine Dion Show. Even though, according to the office diary – not always the most up to date record – he’s in town that night, along with Celine.

The new arrangements work well from my perspective. If he wants to go to see OGCN play football, I’ll be happy to join him but he has to buy the tickets. If I want to see something, I’ll always check beforehand whether he wants to come too. He hardly ever declines. This way I’m spared seeing things I never wanted to see in the first place or wasting my money. Okay, so I sound like a bit of a philistine. I’m pretty much always up for a sporting event, less so the ballet, opera or a classical concert. Though most years, I’ll get tickets to one or more of the various Jazz events in the area and he’s happy to come along too.

Friends recently had two tickets available for a Depeche Mode concert which I’d happily have taken off their hands except we were away for the event. I’ve seen the band a number of times in the past and would have enjoyed seeing them again. My friends were surprised largely because last year I turned down their offer of two tickets for Coldplay which my beloved would’ve accepted. Again, I have nothing per se against Coldplay but I couldn’t sit through one of their concerts. My beloved was most disappointed. Well, actually he wasn’t. That night, the wind was blowing in our direction and he listened to the concert from our balcony for free. Sadly, that won’t be an option for Celine as she’s playing at OGCN’s home stadium which is way down the Var valley. No amount of wind will (thankfully) carry the sound of her concert to our balcony.

My beloved’s frequent business trips to London afford him the opportunity to indulge in his (misguided) love of musicals, something I abhor. Nothing would persuade me to see another one. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, never ever going again. [I admit I did go to see Hugh Jackman recently in NYC in The Music Man in return for my beloved attending not one but two modern art exhibitions.]

Now I love the theatre and would see at least one play per month when we lived in London. I’ve been to see plays here in France and have not had any trouble understanding what’s going on. Not so my beloved. We started going to the new multiplex that’s opened near us and watching the latest films in French. It was only when I realised that my beloved’s understanding of the plot was flawed because of a linguistic misunderstanding that we reverted to seeing films in their original language. Plays would similarly probably be a step too far. Also, he doesn’t share my interest in exploring situations. He likes plays with a start, middle and end. Yes, we’re culturally estranged though united in our love of sport, particularly live sport.

12 Comments on “One from the vaults: Things my beloved says – Celine Dion’s in town!

  1. I’m with the French on booking in advance. Jackie always likes a clear story on the lines of your beloved, whereas for me the journey is more important

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  2. Many fun, interesting threads here. I craved dramas and disliked musicals until the ratio reached 1-to-50, leaving little choice. Musicals became better with wireless microphones allowing flow. Touring musicals can be weak, so see them in the best venues with the better staging. Celine? I’m with you, Sheree. If one must crave Celine, do so audibly; a ‘show’ simply distracts from the voice, as it did when I “tagged along” in Las Vegas.

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    • I think we’re all waiting for a number of artists to start touring again but neither Ed nor Celine are on my list.


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