Musical Monday: Amy Winehouse (again)

Sadly, Amy Winehouse is another young artist who left us way too early. She’s previously featured in a 2021 Musical Monday post but I never got to see her in concert.

Winehouse, in what appears to be a recording booth, rings every emotional nuance from this song as she sings the lyrics:

Over futile odds/And laughed at by the gods/And now the final frame/Love is a losing game.

As the music fades we hear Winehouse ask quietly, and seemingly sadly:

Is that alright?

It’s a heartbreaking moment from a tremendously talented star who fell too quickly. It’s over 10 years since the singer was found dead at home of accidental alcohol poisoning, but her music still resonates and her premature death serves as a cautionary tale about the toll of stardom.

The British singer with the cat-eye makeup and massive bouffant hairstyle was far from the first artist to die too soon. Her passing, in fact, made her a part of a morbid group of stars known as “The 27 Club,” like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain before her who also died at age 27.

But Winehouse never seemed to realize how inspirational or influential she was, instead mired in highly publicised personal and legal troubles. Even after both she and her critically acclaimed 2006 “Back to Black” album won Grammys, there was still more media focus on her fights, arrests, rehab stints and tumultuous relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil (the pair would divorce in 2009) than her music.

All that attention was the exact opposite of what Winehouse wanted.

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