Month: November 2022

A Solitary Existence

I was recently blissfully alone while my beloved was on a cycling holiday in Gran Canaria. I could’ve gone with him but chose not to. The allure of eight whole days on my own was just too much to pass up despite the photos… Continue Reading “A Solitary Existence”

Wordless Wednesday #146

Wednesday is devoted to photos from Australia taken on one of my many #adventuresdownunder.

Yet another Postcard from Alassio

We’ve just spent a few days in one of our happy places but we’ve visited so often in recent years that I’ve run out of things to write about Alassio, and its neighbours. And I must’ve taken photos of pretty much every door in… Continue Reading “Yet another Postcard from Alassio”

French Fancies: IZIPIZI

The French wear a lot of glasses and sunglasses consequently every high street has numerous eyewear outlets. This company, one of the newer brands, is one of my faves, quite possibly because of its catchy name. IZIPIZI are fashionable, reasonably-priced glasses from Paris. Since… Continue Reading “French Fancies: IZIPIZI”

Silent Sunday #125

It’s Sunday and today’s photo is from ma belle France.

The Musette: Rose Turkish delight

A confectioner named Bekir Effendi, who opened a sweet shop in Istanbul in 1776, is credited with creating this delicacy. His sweet shop still stands today. After Effendi made his first batch of this special creation, it wasn’t long before it gained entry into the… Continue Reading “The Musette: Rose Turkish delight”

One from the vaults: Postcard from Castres

This post is from November 2015, seven years ago. I’ve decided it deserves another run-out largely because my beloved has finally concluded a deal with the client he first visited on this trip. Proving that persistence (and patience) does indeed pay dividends. It seems… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Postcard from Castres”

Thursday doors #178

Here are a few more doors from our most recent trip to Paris – bit of a mixed bag! Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favourite door photos from around the world. Feel… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #178”

A wander around the Bourse

The Bourse neighbourhood, named after the former Paris stock exchange once located in the majestic Palais Brogniart, occupies the 2nd arrondissement’s middle swath.  Here are the city’s largest concentration of 19th century historic glass-roofed arcades (precursors to our modern indoor shopping malls). How it… Continue Reading “A wander around the Bourse”