Yet another Postcard from Alassio

We’ve just spent a few days in one of our happy places but we’ve visited so often in recent years that I’ve run out of things to write about Alassio, and its neighbours. And I must’ve taken photos of pretty much every door in the place!

We only ever go for a few days and generally out of the high season for a quick re-boot. We were last here at the end of April for my beloved’s birthday. I get lunch out – if I’m lucky – while he gets a few days away! There’s just something, or a combination of somethings, about the place which we find really relaxing. This time the weather was unexpectedly glorious and we spent time lazing on the beach, along with biking and hiking.

We typically wouldn’t go away at the same time as half-term but I hadn’t appreciated that when I’d made the booking months ago. You know me, I like to plan well in advance. If I don’t my beloved’s diary gets way too busy. So the hotel was busy with its usual melange of French, German and Swiss guests.

I’ll be honest, that lazing on the beach aside, our trips to Alassio always follow a similar format. We sup Aperol Spritzs at our favourite bars and eat in our preferred restaurants. We take long walks, and even bike rides, to wear off the inevitable calories. We laze in the Spa. So, nothing really too exciting.

I have a long association with the area. My first trip was as an eight-year-old on a family summer holiday notable for me trying to (unsuccessfully) push my younger sister Lynn out to sea in our red and white inflatable kayak. I didn’t return until 2009 on a cycling trip with the cycling club which I covered in this post. 

We took my parents back there on their last visit together in October 2010 and Dad was delighted that the hotel we’d stayed at in neighbouring Laigueglia was still there. He was much interested in the renovation of the hotel where we now regularly stay in Alassio and we promised to take him there when it finally re-opened. A promise we were sadly unable to keep.

Subsequent stays in Alassio, because it was a mid-way point for my beloved to meet with one of his Italian clients, were at a variety of lovely family-run hotels in the town. We also stayed there or in neighbouring Laigueglia for several cycling events such as the Giro d’Italia and the Trofeo Laigueglia.

I’ve blogged regularly about our stays in Alassio since 2017, so you’re probably sick to the back teeth with the place! However, I can’t help but extol its charms and I know we’ll be visiting regularly until we no longer can.

This time I didn’t take a single photo – amazing! The ones in this post are all from previous trips. Of course, now that I’ve got my new iPhone14, I’m raring to go back, probably for just a day trip, to try it out.

18 Comments on “Yet another Postcard from Alassio

  1. A very pretty place, love the pink buildings with the shutters and the lanterns.

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  2. It’s nice to have a special place to visit, especially one so beautiful! I don’t think any of us readers could ever get tired of looking at pictures here. I know how you can change it up, take me with you haha 🙂

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