A Solitary Existence

I was recently blissfully alone while my beloved was on a cycling holiday in Gran Canaria. I could’ve gone with him but chose not to. The allure of eight whole days on my own was just too much to pass up despite the photos he sent me daily.

This isn’t my beloved’s first trip on his lonesome this year but the others were just amuse-gueules (nibbles) to this main course.

With him home underfoot, all the time, there are various chores that are simply not possible to undertake. Yes, surprisingly, I’ve been getting stuff sorted at home. It’s been wonderful not having to prepare meals three-times a day, and that’s from someone who loves cooking though I did prepare him a wonderful welcome home meal.

Just before he left, we took possession of the locked garage of the couple we allow to share our double parking spot. They don’t use their enclosed garage because it’s difficult to manoeuvre their car in and out. This has now become our bike room, also known as my beloved’s man cave. This meant I could turn the bike room in our flat back into the laundry room – hurrah!

I cleared all of his bike related stuff out and was shocked at how much was in there! My beloved is a bit like a big cat marking out his territory, he loves leaving his things everywhere apart from my bathroom  – yes, we have separate bathrooms –  and my dressing room.

Dressing room makes it sound rather grand, it’s more of a walk-in cupboard but the space is well-thought out and you’d be amazed at how much is stored in there. This week I have had my annual wardrobe culling. I’ve been very thorough and I’m sure the Ukrainian refugees (intended recipients) will be grateful.

I’m generally an investment dresser so there are things in my wardrobe that are probably definitely older than many of my readers, particularly scarves, jackets, shoes and coats. This enables me to “shop in my closet” when they come back into fashion.  A case in point are square toed shoes which have been brought to the front of the base of my built-in wardrobe where they reside in see-through boxes,  stored with shoe trees. This is where I put stuff that needs to be hung full-length such as dresses, coats, long skirts and trousers. Jackets, tops and jeans are in the dressing room.

Lest it sound as though I hog all of the storage, I should point out that my beloved has a larger dressing room, two very large wardrobes and a built-in closet!

In addition, stuff we wear infrequently, such as ski wear, is stored in our basement storage. What can I say? When you get to our respective ages, you tend to have a lot of stuff. His will be culled over the Christmas period. He’s far more of a hoarder than me and likes to hang onto things just in case…….

After a whole week of cleaning and tidying I was feeling very virtuous, smug even. The bike-room laundry aside my beloved didn’t even notice what I’d been up to. This is largely because everything is now hidden again behind closed doors maintaining the flat’s neat and tidy appearance.

Friends who recently paid us a visit remarked on how clean and tidy everything was and asked for the name and number of my cleaner. I confessed that sadly she didn’t have any more hours available but, if she did, I’d let them know. The reason I know this? I do all the cleaning!








24 Comments on “A Solitary Existence

  1. We have a great local Facebook recycling group – one person’s rubbish is another’s need. It’s quite satisfying seeing something GO and go to a loving home.

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  2. Pure music to my ears! Especially about marking the territory. I managed to retain full control over my bathroom and office with adjoining small walk in closet. Dining area is a fluid situation, but I have my own marking space, kids corner with a bookcase and spilling Lego display, growing to unacceptable volume periodically. We, me and two grandkids, adore Ninjago everything and it shows. Thank you Sheree, I enjoyed reading your post so much!

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  3. 💜 Control Freak; doing ALL The “Culling, Cleaning and Tidying Up”


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  4. It is nice to be alone once in a while 😊 And three or four times a year, I dispose things that have not been used for quite some time. Clothes too. It seems like there is less burden 😊

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  5. That sounds like an amazing 8 days! I too enjoy organizing and especially doing a closet purge. I loved having a fresh start of a shiny new apartment when we moved. Jon’s mom was a professional organizer and her tidiness luckily rubbed off on Jon 🙂

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    • Lyssy you are so fortunate. Sadly my mother-in-law didn’t believe that cleanliness was next to godliness and my OH is extremely untidy.


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