The Bars where Hemingway drank

It sometimes seems that wherever we go we’re following in the footsteps of one Ernest Hemingway, particularly when it comes to bars! The Nobel Prize–winning author could not only write, but drink way better than most. From his time in places like Paris, South of France, Havana, Lima, Venice and the United States, Hemingway loved a drink. From the fanciest hotel bars to dirtiest dives – as long as the drinks were good – he was eager to indulge.

Here, we take a look at some of Hemingway’s favourite bars around the world where our paths might have crossed!

33 Comments on “The Bars where Hemingway drank

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  2. We have only been to the Hemingway bars in Key West. His home away from home was probably Captain Tony’s. We have also been to the Hemingway House, where descendants of his six toed cats still lay around as if they own the place. One will obligingly extend it’s six toes long enough for a tourist to snap a picture. He lived in Key West before relocating to Cuba. Good bar choices.

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  3. Well proud to say I not Hemingway, also drank at the bar of the Ritz and Lutecia in Paris! And yes ,also at Key West, Fl and Havana Cuba!! Cheers

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  4. I love the bar in Pamplona. I’ve been to several places that Hemmingway visited that most if not all of your readers have ever been to or heard of. In the Bighorn Mountains at the Spear-O-Wigwam ranch there’s the Hemmingway Cabin where he stayed and wrote and while looking up the information, I found out he also stayed at Folly Ranch, the ranch right next to where our cabin is. We’ve ridden through there many a time. 🙂 Rather exciting. He also stayed at the Sheridan Inn which I visited last summer.

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