Musical Monday: Cover songs #1

I’m kicking off 2023 with a series of my favourite cover songs. It’s quite interesting how many artists cover one another’s songs. The first is a cover of one favourite artist (David Bowie) by another (Nirvana).

Covers dominate the Seattle grunge heroes’ legendary 1993 MTV Unplugged appearance, with songs by Led Belly and the Meat Puppets holding court alongside hits from Nevermind and In Utero. But the album’s biggest revelation is the band’s wounded take on this Bowie classic, which resulted in young concert goers occasionally telling Bowie himself it was cool he was playing a Nirvana song.

Which version do you prefer?

29 Comments on “Musical Monday: Cover songs #1

  1. I adore Bowie but Kurt’s vocals on this are far superior. And their version of ‘Where Did you Sleep Last Night?’ (also on this album) is absolutely breathtaking.

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  2. Great idea Sheree!! I love variety – I often cannot choose one I prefer, I just love that multiple artists can put their own spin on a song.

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  3. I like both versions but Bowie one day seemed less original to me than was Cobain (and his pleasantly twangy style). Damned if I’ve ever seen anyone seem more vulnerable than him in his old man green sweater.

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  4. I love the Nirvana take. I’d never heard the Bowie one before. I tend to like best whoever I hear it from first, though there have been exceptions.

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  5. It is such a great song. Seeing Nirvana playing it on MTV Unplugged, I realised what a good song it is. I love David Bowies from the first time I heard it years before and Kurt gave it a different edge. Sorry love both, can’t pick one Sheree. This is a great concept for music posts 🙂

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  7. I like both versions, although they are quite different. I am not so familiar in general with David Bowie’s music, strangely enough I first got to know him as an actor and only later as a musician.

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