Day: February 4, 2023

The Musette: Fresh Pasta

Have you ever made homemade pasta? If you have flour, two eggs, a splash of olive oil and a bit of salt, you can do it right now. You don’t need special Italian pasta flours to make great homemade pasta, and you don’t need… Continue Reading “The Musette: Fresh Pasta”

Musical February : Day 4

I’m a big music fan so thought it might be nice to take part in Bee’s ” Love is in Da Blog” Challenge for the month of February. Today’s prompt is a love song specific to me and my beloved which was a suggestion… Continue Reading “Musical February : Day 4”

Well-thumbed cookery books – Feb 2023

Once a month I’m going to write a short piece about one of my favourite cookery books from my extensive collection and why I’ve cooked so many recipes from it. Today I’m featuring two from Swiss chef Anton Mosiman whom I’ve had the pleasure… Continue Reading “Well-thumbed cookery books – Feb 2023”