Flowering Friday #7

My mother was blessed with very green fingers, sadly I am not. Buy me fa bunch of lowers or indeed a potted plant and no bookie would give you odds on how long it’ll last. Now, I may be tempting fate here,  but I’m currently still nursing a couple of plants that friends bought me over two months ago. They’re probably on borrowed time.

However, I absolutely adore flowers in situ and that’s what I’m going to be featuring over the next few months or so. These peonies were at Longwood Gardens, just outside Philadelphia.

29 Comments on “Flowering Friday #7

  1. it is great if we can get into the garden, i feel i dont as much as i could my wife does, we get to see all those wonderful colours.

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  2. What a lovely place Longwood is, throughout the seasons. I am pretty good at anything outdoors but have long since lost my green fingers for house plants. I don’t think I’ve had the right light since 1992.

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  3. Lovely. We had lots of peonies at one of the houses where I grew up. I loved them but also remember that when you brought them inside, you almost always brought in an ant or two as well. 🙂

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  4. Most people smother their plants and kill them with too much love and care. Me, I rough and tumble, toss and shove and water it once. Then forget and find mostly surviving surprises the next week I’m in the Garden.

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