Musical February : Day 17

I’m a big music fan so thought it might be nice to take part in Bee’s ” Love is in Da Blog” Challenge for the month of February.

Today’s prompt is love song about a child’s love, surely the purest love of all!

In October 2010, Alicia Keys gave birth to her first son Egypt Daoud Dean, in New York City. That month, the singer revealed on her official blog that motherhood and her son had inspired her to create a song in a post titled “I feel a song coming on.”

In December 2010, her husband Beatz debuted Speechless on his website as part of his Monster Mondays programme. In a behind-the-scenes video which documented the recording process and was also posted on the site, Beatz said that the song would not be included on her upcoming album and it was just a fun little gift to Keys’ fans.  Beatz said:

This should be a treat for the fans […] almost like a day in the life.

Keys noted on Twitter that Speechless was just “a little freestyle treat” for the holidays, writing:

It’s not a new album, not a single, it’s something special for you!

“Love Is In Da Blog” Rules/suggestions

  1. Join in! No matter where, when and with what. You missed the first day or week? Don’t worry. Just jump in when it suits you.
  2. Send us the link! My blog is public again, so ping-backs work. A ping-back is a link from one WP blog to another. If you blog on another platform, please leave your link in the comments.
  3. Tag your post either with “Love Is In Da Blog” or “LoIsInDaBl” or “Love Is In Da Blog 23” or #LoIsInDaBl23. You can also use these as hashtags for Twitter and other Social Networks to give your post more exposure.
  4. No matter which music the prompt favours, you create with it whatever you please and whatever length you please (no pun intended 😉 ) as long as it is about “LOVE.”
  5. I post the prompt post the day before, so you have some time to make up your mind and create your post. There won’t be two different posts, and I hope it’s not too confusing.
  6. If you like, use this picture for your readers to find the posts.
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