The Musette: Savoury Nibbles

These are two of my favourite nibbles for cocktail — or mocktail —hour. They are deliciously addictive and have just the right amount of bite!

Spiced pecans

There are so many different ways to make truly delicious seasoned, baked pecans — but, as you’d expect me to say, this one’s the best.These are the ones of which I never tire and always want more. Not too sweet, not too salty, a little bit earthy and so perfectly seasoned that you can’t put your finger on exactly what flavours you’re tasting (spoiler alert: it’s cumin), they will become your new addiction.

They are very easy to make and make great gifts. People love receiving them, particularly when added to a basket with some homemade blue cheese shortbread and a nice jar of jam, preserves or compote.

Cheese shortbread

These blue cheese shortbread are delicious with just the right amount of zing. Because of all the different types of blue cheese, you can customise them to your preferences. They are stand alone worthy but are even better served with slices of sweet fresh fruit like ripe pears, or with sweet dried fruits like apricots, figs and cherries, or alongside jams, compotes or honey-drizzled walnuts.

I always include them on my charcuterie boards and try to keep them on hand for impromptu gatherings. They are rich and delicious and keep well in an airtight container, if you can stay out of them, but good luck with that.

Shortbread Ingredients (makes 24)

  • 225g (8oz) mild blue cheese, I used Roquefort
  • 113g (1/2 cup) soft, unsalted butter
  • 170g (1 1/3 cup) plain (all purpose) flour
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper


1. With an electric mixer, beat blue cheese and butter together until light and creamy.

2. Combine and sift flour and cayenne, then add to butter-cheese mixture. Mix just until well combined.

The Best Shortbread Cookies Recipe - Momsdish

3. Form into log shape to slice and wrap tightly in cling (plastic) film. Refrigerate dough for at least 2 hours and preferably overnight.

4. Pre-heat oven to 180°C /fan 160°C/gas mark 4/350°F and line a baking sheet(s) with greaseproof (parchment) paper.

5. Remove dough from fridge and using a sharp knife, slice log into thin rounds, or roll out dough and cut into shapes.



 4. Pre-heat oven to 180°C /fan 160°C/gas mark 4/350°F. and line a baking sheet(s) with greaseproof (parchment) paper.

5. Remove dough from fridge and using a sharp knife, slice log into thin rounds, or roll out dough and cut into shapes.

6. Place on sheet(s) and bake until golden brown, about 10 to 13 minutes. Cool on rack before consuming

Spiced Pecan Ingredients

  • 55g (4 tbsp) unsalted butter
  • 1 1/2 tsp ground cumin
  • 1/4 tsp ground cayenne
  • 2 tbsp brown or coconut sugar
  • 1 tsp fine sea salt
  • 375g (3 cups) pecan halves


1.In a small saucepan, melt butter, add seasonings and mix well.

2. Pour over pecan halves and mix well to cover every pecan half. I use disposable gloves and massage the mixture onto the pecan halves.

Candied Pecans - i am baker

3. Spread onto a baking sheet in a single layer and bake 25 to 30 minutes at 150°C /fan 130°C/gas mark 2/300°, shaking pecans around a bit occasionally.

Spiced Pecans Recipe | Bon Appétit

4. Cool and enjoy.

30 Comments on “The Musette: Savoury Nibbles

  1. Wow! I have made spiced pecans and given them as gifts, but without the cumin. I have also made (and gifted) savoury shortbreads, but with cheddar or parmesan, not blue cheese. I am going to have to make try of these recipes. Thanks so much for sharing, Sheree!


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  2. Both look really good and simple. We once had a local friendship “club” and one of the ladies always had spiced pecans when it was her turn to host. Her pecan tree had really small nuts, that she paid someone else to hull, and they were so good.

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  3. Hi Sheree, I made the pecans yesterday and they were delicious! But I’m looking at the shortbread recipe and wondering if there is a typo: 225g butter would equal one cup, not 1/2. Should it be 1 stick of butter (114g)? Otherwise there doesn’t seem to be enough flour for the fats.
    Thanks, Alisa

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