Trip to Le Bristol

My love of “posh” hotels can be blamed on my parents. As a child I ate out a lot and in those days most restaurants were in hotels, at least in the UK. And, I loved, loved going out to eat – who doesn’t! As you know, I’m slowly but surely working my way around Paris’ many 5* establishments. However, at the rate at which they’re opening, I may not manage to visit them all……..


This time we decided to enjoy afternoon tea at Hôtel Le Bristol, located in Faubourg Saint Honoré, which is always good for a spot of window shopping. Hôtel Le Bristol opened in 1925, famed for its historic architecture, is now part of the Oetker Collection, Masterpiece Hotels, which also owns Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, among many others.

In 1923, Hippolyte Jammet purchased the property of Julles de Castellane on the Faubourg. Jammet’s mission was to transform this mansion into one of the most luxurious hotels which he opened in 1925.

Beginning in June 1940, Hôtel Le Bristol became the home of the American embassy and American nationals living in Paris during the War. Hippolyte Jammet succeeded in keeping his hotel and during the war worked to maintain its prestige, carrying out renovation projects as well as maintenance.

Following the opening of Pierre Cardin’s boutique at 118 Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré in 1954, many other luxury brands began to open boutiques, such as Lanvin and Christian Lacroix, ensuring the hotel was frequented by lots of celebrities.

From the 1960s onwards, Hôtel Le Bristol became a destination for fashion photographers. In 1962, the hotel was ranked number one by the American travel guide Fielding’s, thus cementing its reputation in America as one of the top hotels in Paris. In 1968 the hotel was taken over by Hippolyte’s son Pierre, who was forced to postpone some restoration work due to May 1968 riots.

The French garden at Le Bristol Paris.

Finally, during the 1970s, Hôtel Le Bristol underwent major expansion and renovation. In 1978, it was acquired by Rudolf August Oetker, founder of the German industrial group Oetker. Oetker began extension work in the 1980s, which included expansion of the hotel’s rooms, restoration of the garden and a 6th floor swimming pool with views of the Parisian skyline.

The hotel pool has all the style and feel of a majestic yacht.

In 1994, Pierre Ferchaud was appointed the manager of the Hotel. He would later become the managing director. During his time managing the hotel, Ferchaud converted some of the guestrooms into luxury suites. In 2004, the hotel underwent a huge restoration and renovation. 2004 also saw the creation of Hotel Le Bristol’s “fashion high teas”. In 2005 the Bar of Le Bristol was refurbished.

The bar cleverly mixes styles and periods.

In 2007 Le Bristol acquired the building next door which allowed the hotel to become more prominent on the corner of avenue Matignon and rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. In 2009, the Matignon Residence, Hôtel Le Bristol’s renovation of the next door building, was unveiled with an additional twenty-one rooms and five suites, as well as a new restaurant, 114 Faubourg.

The elegant colonnade of this Palace hotel.

In 2010, the Hôtel Le Bristol recruited a new manager, Didier Le Calvez. From 2010 until 2016, the hotel completed a six-year, US$190 million renovation. It was fitted with two new honeymoon suites, offering views of Paris. The Restaurant was renovated in a French style, while still serving up the same food. A children’s play area and hair salon have also been added.

The 3 Michelin starred Epicure restaurant.

I cook what I like to cook, what I like to eat and what I like to share.

The words are those of Éric Fréchon, the 4 Michelin starred Chef at Le Bristol Paris. Éric joined the hotel in 1998 to lead and coordinate every aspect of its culinary identity: the Epicure restaurant (3 Michelin stars since 2009), the 114 Faubourg brasserie (1 Michelin star since 2013) and the Café Antonia.

Ever since it first opened in 1925, Le Bristol Paris has retained its distinctive talent for distilling the essence of French lifestyle that made it the first 5-star hotel in France to be awarded  Palace status.

And last, but not least…………

Fa-raon, the Palace mascot.

The hotel is home to a very special guest Fa-Raon, the famous Birman cat and Palace mascot who has his own private apartment here – none too shabby! Although they may not aspire to this exalted level of pampering, cats and dogs are welcome to accompany their owners.

35 Comments on “Trip to Le Bristol

  1. Great hotel men , met him Didier Le Calvez before at Four Seasons George V then Le Bristol and later others. Now own hotel management company with his wife. Nice series you take better pictures lol! Cheers

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  2. Dear Sheree,
    we love posh hotel and restaurants as well. Like you, we have this from our grandparents and parents. Our Master’s mother was a scientist and not interested in household so he ate mostly in restaurants. Later on his lecture and book signing tours he stayed for month in hotels. We all still enjoy posh hotels.
    Thanks and have a happy day
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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