Flowering Friday #11

My mother was blessed with very green fingers, sadly I am not. Buy me flowers or indeed a potted plant and no bookie would give you odds on how long it’ll last. It’s been dealt a duff hand. 

However, I absolutely adore plants and flowers in situ and that’s what I’m going to be featuring over the next few months or so.

16 Comments on “Flowering Friday #11

  1. It is my sincere wish to one day have a garden, but I do have a little garden on a table near the only window in my apartment that get’s any real light. That may have to suffice.

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      • Funny enough, my interest in gardening started when I moved into this apartment building fifteen years ago and began taking care of the neglected succulents out front. Thanks, Sheree

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  2. I’m the only one in my family with a brown thumb. Everyone else’s plants would thrive. Beautiful flowers in the photo.

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