Musical Monday: Cover songs #12

I’ve started 2023 with a series of my favourite cover songs. It’s quite amazing how many artists cover one another’s songs. Sometimes they’re not artists you might expect, sometimes they are.

Both hailing from New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen co-wrote the song Because The Night with Patti Smith, and it would become a hit single from her 1978 album Easter. This version rose to No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, as well as No. 5 in the UK, and helped propel sales of Easter to mainstream success.

The Boss changed the lyrics for his version from what he described as just another love song into a coarse, introspective journey in search of truth. The fact that he actually co-wrote the track establishes it as one of the best cover songs out there.

The song has subsequently been covered by numerous artists, and at least two of these cover versions have been chart hits. A 1992 version of the song by Co.Ro was a hit in several countries in Europe and South America. It reached No. 1 in Spain and the Top 10 in Belgium, France, Greece and Italy. The following year, a live acoustic version was recorded by 10,000 Maniacs for MTV Unplugged. This recording reached No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the highest charting version of the song in the U.S.

Which version do you prefer? Let me know below.

14 Comments on “Musical Monday: Cover songs #12

  1. Wow! I like Patti’s, but I thought Springsteen’s was an incredible performance. I loved the beginning, as he emerged from the darkness, and the instrumental music in that early part. Quite a trip!

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  2. I prefer Patti Smith, but recently Suede/The London Suede (depending which side of the Atlantic you live) did a phenomenal version

    Brett Anderson is such a good frontman.

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