Musical Monday: Cover songs #14

I’ve kicked off 2023 with a series of my favourite cover songs. It’s quite amazing how many artists cover one another’s songs.

Fly Away, the fourth single from Lenny Kravitz‘s fifth album, was one of his biggest hits, and the biggest since Are You Gonna Go My Way. Arguably the two most iconic parts of the song are the song’s simple riff and what sounds like a slap bass. But both of these are completely absent in the new semi- acoustic cover by Larkin Poe.

Larkin Poe are a roots rock band from Georgia who evolved out of the bluegrass trio the Lovell Sisters and have logged a lot of time playing with Elvis Costello. Their “Fly Away” cover,  from covers album Kindred Spirits (2021) begins with dobro and electric guitar, with barely any inkling of the famous chord sequence. Lead singer Rebecca Lovell takes the verses at roughly the same pace as Kravitz but a little less staccato. It’s only in the chorus where the song really reveals itself. Each chorus is followed by a break not in the original, where the band jam the song like a conventional blues song.

Here’s the Larkin Poe version version, while here’s a link to the original which I have featured before.


Which version do you prefer? Let me know below.

8 Comments on “Musical Monday: Cover songs #14

  1. I expected this to be easy, Sheree. I LOVE the original and it’s rare (although it happens) that I like a cover more than – or even as much as – the original. But wow!!!!!! I LOVE this cover! I love that bluegrass vibe! Thank you so much: I love when I am introduced to a new favourite and I know Larkin Poe now falls into that beautiful category. By the way, speaking of covers, Lenny Kravitz ROCKS American Woman, originally sung by the Guess Who…

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    • Patti, thanks so much for dropping by and commenting. I’m a big, longtime fan of Mr Kravitz’s music but love this cover. I do however prefer his version of American Woman.

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