Not so Flowering Friday

I am in need of some advice. I received this orchid in November 2022 and until fairly recently had managed to keep it alive – something of a record. But recently, the wheels or rather the flowers have fdried up and allen off one by one and it now looks fit only for the scrap heap.

What should I do? Can it be revived?

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  1. The flowers and stalks die off, but the leaves look good. Keep watering it and do not cut off the root-shoots that will sprout (and probably climb over the sides of the pot). Eventually, it should flower again.

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  3. It is not dead, it has just finished flowering. The green leaves and the air roots look healthy. It just needs a little break now, and then it will bring forth another flower stilk. Keep it moist, but not drenched, and then it will be fine.

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    • Stella, thank you! Without your words of wisdom, I would’ve consigned it to the bin. I hadn’t appreciated that like all of us, it just needed a break.

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  4. That happened to one of the orchids at my office. They were going to throw it away but luckily my coworker knew about orchids and said it was not dead and would come back to life, and she was right!

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  5. Orchids are much more sturdy than most people think. Your foliage looks nice and healthy, so just cut off all the dead stalks and let it have a rest. Water it really well once a week, and make sure it is sitting in loose medium, not potting soil. Orchids like this grow in the crotches of trees in accumulated debris.
    Once the weather is warm, set it outside for the summer. Here in New England, it is extremely humid in summer, so they are happy and feel like home. I’m sure they will like your climate as well. Sometimes I fashion a little sling out of bird netting and place one in a tree, their favorite vacation spot!
    Good luck!

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  6. Hello, Sheree! I had a gorgeous orchid recently, but I transferred it to the countryside at my parents’ place where it could get more light and fresh air than in my apartment.

    The point is that mine did the same thing, which, believe it or not, is normal. It has done flowering, and it is now time for her to rest. I removed the wilted flowers from the stems, cut the large sticks, washed the roots, added fresh orchid soil, and replanted her. She is still green and has begun to produce buds!

    They are demanding flowers, and while they are lovely, they require time and attention; nevertheless, once you get the hang of it, you’ll know how to proceed. I’m going to add a clip here for clarification; she explains it extremely well:

    Thanks and have a great week ahead! 🌺

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  7. Has ur flowered again? Some orchids (bigger ones like yours) only flower 1x or 2x a year. Smaller ones flower all year round. The advice you’ve been given is sound.

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