Joyeux Premier Mai

That’s right, it’s a bank Holiday in France (and most of Europe) today. Sadly we’re enjoying typical British Bank Holiday weather ie it’s raining. I don’t however feel I can complain as we desperately need it. Instead of going out, we’re indulging in a spot of much needed cleaning, and even my beloved is lending a helping hand.


36 Comments on “Joyeux Premier Mai

  1. So glad people besides me (and the women I went to college with) celebrate this old form of May Day. I have never understood why florists don’t promote it. When I was involved with Girl Scouts, we made baskets for the retirement community where I myself will be going soon.

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  2. It’s also a bank holiday in Romania, Sheree. The first of May is recognized as the Day of Labor.
    On the other hand, the weather is great. Sending you good weather vibes 🌞🥰

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  3. Haven’t thought of lily of the valley for a long time. They’re pretty as well as nicely scented. We made May baskets when we were younger. It’s May Day in the US of course too, but no holiday. ☹️

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