Friday’s Tall Tales #18

Whenever I photograph a door or gate I wonder about its provenance, who and what has happened across said door or gate. I thought I might pick one from #Thursdaydoors and tell you a bit more about it or……maybe even weave a story about it.

No prizes for guessing what and where this is!

Built on the site of an old chapel in the heart of the Old Town of Antibes,  the theatre was completely renovated in 2002, increasing its capacity to 120 seats. It hosts productions created by reputed companies but also those from young creators, actors, authors and directors. It is also home to the Antibéa Comédie d’Antibes, a company created in 1989.

The theatre welcomes a loyal audience around a year long varied programme inviting not only professional companies from the Alpes Maritimes department and the P.A.C.A region, but also from all over France, as well as those from overseas. Antibéa Théâtre also offers drama training workshops, mornings for young people and public readings of contemporary authors.

Its President, Jean-Marc Salvan, explained that it was his friendship with Dominique Czapski (Artistic Director) which initially gave birth to this place. The latter had been passionate about the theatre from an early age and was a former student of Julien Bertheau (member of the Comédie Française) at the Conservatory of Antibes. He inspired Jean-Marc, an engineer by training, to tread the boards.

Since its creation, in 1989 ANTIBÉA has staged many plays, performed throughout the department and has also been the instigator and organiser of a number of prestigious events in Antibes, such as the Fort Carré Festival in 1989. Of course, none of these events would’ve taken place without the unfailing support of the local mayor Jean Leonetti, then director of the Office of Culture.

But there have been ups and downs. In 2000, the theatre no longer met health and safety standards and was forced to close. Fortunately, the local community and businesses rallied around to help the theatre re-open in 2002. This time around it also had a school which has allowed hundreds of children to participate in drama classes and productions. It has now been running for over 30 years and staged close on 50 productions.

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