How do I resuscitate my hydrangea?

This is a record, even for me. Just three days ago this was a healthy plant. It started to droop, so I staked it up – in retrospect, possibly a grave error. It’s been in a sheltered, warm, sunny spot, has been watered but has started to seriously look as if it’s beyond help.

What, if anything, should I do?


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  1. Oh, dear, overwatering could be as much a problem as underwatering. Make sure that it is not standing in water from a pot with no drainage. Only water when the soil feels dry. And I agree with Derrick, keep out of direct sun. An eastern exposure might be optimal. Good luck!

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  2. Hopefully, it’s something simple like just too big for the existing pot and needs repotting. That happened to me last year with the only living indoor house plant I have so, that’s all I can offer as I haven’t any idea what to do with plants.
    We had a blue one at our old house facing north with little to no sun that thrived. It’s my favorite flower. Best of luck with it as it looks like it was a beauty.

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  3. As you know they are water lovers, They like the shade. We lost all of ours one year. It was due to a fungus specific to hydrangeas, we used a fungicide and cut out affected wood. Hope you can get yours to flourish.

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  4. Did you give it plant food? Sometimes our plants look like that if my husband gives them plant food not meant for that type of plant.

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  5. You’ve had some good advice. A bigger pot is a good one. Too much light is another. I only grow them outside and I know in the summer mine will burn up in the hot August weather.

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  6. I am on the over watering side. Maybe it needs repotting too which will also sort out if there is anything in the pot or soil

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