The House where the Kennedys holidayed

One of the many pleasures of living in the South of France is being able to lust after its extensive property porn. Nearly every major address has an interesting back story or provenance. Today’s house is currently on the market – strictly for those with deep pockets – at an eye watering US$33 million. 

The Domaine de Valbonne was JFK's Childhood Summer Home — Francis York

The French Riviera has long been a favourite vacation spot among celebrities like Pablo Picasso, Brad Pitt and Elton John. Another group that loved the beach escape was the Kennedy family. JFK and his siblings spent many summers on the Côte d’Azur while their father, Joseph Patrick Kennedy, was the US ambassador in London. And while visiting, the family – often considered American royalty – stayed at an idyllic villa worthy of palatial prestige in Valbonne.

A sitting room with pink tile floors chandelier and furniture

A bedroom with pink tile floors queensized bed and small couch

Pink tiled bathroom

Known as the Domaine de Beaumont, the property was designed by an illustrious French architect Jacques Couëlle for Mr. and Mrs. Carr, a wealthy American family who were undoubtedly sensitive to reused architecture. The Château de Beaumont actually offers reused materials – the beginning of an exceptional architectural movement that Jacques Couëlle championed.

Spanning 1,200sq m (12,486 sq ft), the property encompasses fifteen rooms, including nine bedrooms, all with sophisticated interiors. Woodwork, tapestries, and tiles offer an immersion in the period decor, which blends Provencal and Belle Époque aesthetics. The exterior is defined by a natural stone facade and and a wrought iron campanile.

Green study parquet floors fireplace

It is accessed by an imposing gate surrounded by two pavilions on either side. The first one is the caretaker’s house, while the second offers an apartment dedicated to the staff and the security post upstairs.

The “Atelier”, located in the woods at the entrance to the estate, is a partly finished Provençal-style house with a surface area of 150 m2 (1,500 sq ft).

The park, which has two water sources, is embellished with a gorgeous area showcasing a 20-metre heated marble swimming pool, pool house, numerous ornamental ponds and fountains, an olive grove, a tennis court, aviaries and spectacular flower gardens.

A sought-after area: this luxurious rural estate enjoys an ideal location in the immediate vicinity of Mougins and Valbonne, as well as the main roads. If the Estate remains close to business areas, it nevertheless benefits from absolute calm, a true haven of peace hidden from view, landscaped and flowery for a privileged art of living on the Côte d’Azur.

Mougins is a tourist destination which surprises with the beauty of its residences and its architectural heritage. It’s an authentic village which promises local gastronomy and its historical vestiges have seduced many big names, including Pablo Picasso.

Valbonne, located about ten kilometres (6 miles) from Cannes, in the heart of the Côte d’Azur countryside, is an elegant historic town which has retained all its character with its stone facades, its colourful shutters, its doors surrounded by vines or bougainvillea.

All images courtesy of Sotheby’s

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  1. Property porn. Love that. There’s a lot of that in Scottsdale, Arizona. I chuckle when I see ads for a “house” with more bedrooms than I have friends and bathrooms to match and there’s always much, much more. The one you show is beautiful and much less pretentious on the inside than I expected, although that bathroom is a bit much for me. No, not a bit much, much too much! 😉

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    • I haven’t watched it but I’ve read about Succession and I think you might be right Cindy.


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