Flowering Friday #21

My mother was blessed with very green fingers, sadly I am not. Buy me flowers or indeed a potted plant and no bookie would give you odds on how long it’ll last. 


However, I absolutely adore trees, plants and flowers in situ and that’s what I’m going to be featuring over the next few months or so.

25 Comments on “Flowering Friday #21

      • I had one growing in a pot on my patio years ago. A hurricane was coming so I was putting everything in the yard in this tool shed I never use so things wouldn’t become flying missiles in the storm. This was August. I forgot about it. In February I went in that shed and saw the pineapple. It was still alive! No sun, water, anything for all that time. This is how you do it. Forget about the banana water. Just use plain water.

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  1. Very calming, very pretty. Love the way you can see a bit of water running through.

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