5DB8B15C-F43D-482B-A0B1-70C840470E17.jpegInitially, I set up this blog to record my training and fund-raising efforts for the Livestrong Challenge in Austin, Texas, in October 2009. That proved insufficient to generate enough material, so I started blogging about my four great passions (in order): Football, Cycling, MotoGP, Cookery and my long-suffering and beloved Husband of over 40 years (pictured with me above).

However, I quite enjoy (mild British understatement) blogging so I decided to keep it going for 2010’s cycling challenge: London to Paris, a mere 550km in three days. A much more serious undertaking requiring a more disciplined approach to both training and losing those surplus kilos. So, much to the hilarity of my family, I engaged a cycling coach.

When I suggested I might stop blogging, friends and family exhorted me to continue as it gave them a useful insight into our life in France. Now it has morphed into what might be called a “ Lifestyle” blog where I write about anything that takes my fancy, including our various trips and travels.

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  1. Hey Sheree,

    You wrote a post for Velo Voices about some TdF socks from DeFeet a few weeks ago… I figured if you recommended DeFeet, they must be good socks so I went and looked at their site… I skipped on the TdF socks because they weren’t red, black or white to match my Venge. I did, however, pick up a pair of Woolie Boolie’s and a pair of summer socks (both match the bike).

    Today I rode a 100k with my wife, wearing the WB’s (it was 1 C when we started). They are the most comfortable cycling sock that has ever graced my feet. I can’t thank you enough! What an AMAZING addition to the cycling kit. Thanks so much!



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