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A Solitary Existence

I was recently blissfully alone while my beloved was on a cycling holiday in Gran Canaria. I could’ve gone with him but chose not to. The allure of eight whole days on my own was just too much to pass up despite the photos… Continue Reading “A Solitary Existence”

One from the Vaults: I’m not on holiday, I’m working!

One of many posts from my back catalogue about my family which if you recall is now just my two younger sisters. One of my sisters bought this cushion which says: “Happiness is having a large loving family… another city!” So true –  although… Continue Reading “One from the Vaults: I’m not on holiday, I’m working!”

A Few More Precious Hours

Just two weeks ago, my beloved went to Monaco to watch the MotorE racing thereby gifting me a few blessed hours of peace and quiet. Well, he’s done it again though this time he was watching the F1 Qualifying in Monaco. My beloved’s contact… Continue Reading “A Few More Precious Hours”