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Change of Plans

I believe I may have mentioned that I’d planned a number of potential itineraries during the various lockdowns. Finally freed to travel once more, my beloved expressed a desire to visit Mallorca again. In particular, he wanted to explore all around the island. I… Continue Reading “Change of Plans”

One from the Vaults: Things my beloved says – I’ll be able to help more when my leg’s better!

I wrote this post back in May 2017 but sadly very little has changed. My beloved has been promoted to Officer in Charge of Drinks (OCD) which means he makes the coffee at breakfast, afternoon tea and opens bottles of wine – if I’m… Continue Reading “One from the Vaults: Things my beloved says – I’ll be able to help more when my leg’s better!”

Things my beloved has done: mislaid his passport.

Another shout out to fellow blogger Andrew Petcher who reminded me of a couple of occasions where my beloved and his belongings were momentarily parted. I thought I had regaled you with these tales but no I hadn’t. I’d only told you about when his… Continue Reading “Things my beloved has done: mislaid his passport.”

Covid update

A big thank you to everyone yesterday for wishing both of us well. I did not however disclose our latest test results. Well, it was perhaps no surprise that my beloved finally tested negative for Covid, I however did not! My beloved rapidly took… Continue Reading “Covid update”

Things my beloved has done: got Covid

We’re scheduled to fly to Dubai tomorrow – fingers crossed – and in the run-up to our trip had purposefully been maintaining a low profile. We’ve kept ourselves to ourselves, aside from a trip to the municipal dump. You may recall that here in… Continue Reading “Things my beloved has done: got Covid”

Far Too Quick

He’s back! I have to be honest, the time just flew by. My plan was to complete a number of tasks that are easier to do when he’s not here and watch the closing stages of the Tour de France. Everything went according to… Continue Reading “Far Too Quick”


My beloved husband departed this morning at the crack of dawn for a 3-day cycling trip with the club. I am going to be luxurating – is that a word? – in the blissful solitude. As you know, I love spending time with him… Continue Reading “Freedom”

One from the Vaults: Mistaken identity

Today’s trip down memory lane is from May 2011, over 10 years ago! Where has the time gone? I had arranged to collect my friend for his hospital appointment at 12:45, aiming to deliver him to the hospital promptly for his 13:30 appointment. When… Continue Reading “One from the Vaults: Mistaken identity”

Beloved’s Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday was my beloved husband’s birthday, his second in lockdown as he’s been reminding me for weeks. Unlike my birthday which is generally lunch in a restaurant I have booked myself – just to be on the safe side – my beloved usually celebrates… Continue Reading “Beloved’s Birthday Celebrations”