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Sticky delight

I made marmalade this week end enveloping the flat in an delicious orange scented perfume.  I’m not overly keen on bitter-orange marmalade, but my beloved adores it. So, once a year, while Seville oranges are plentiful, I make up a large batch. I had bought… Continue Reading “Sticky delight”

Softly whipped

Much as I love spending time with my beloved, I also enjoy my own company when he’s away. Largely because when he’s home he tends to dictate my daily routine, more by accident than intent. Yesterday, having spent the balance of our Amazon gift vouchers, I had another… Continue Reading “Softly whipped”

Karaoke kings

Today was far less stressful and far more productive than Monday. I now had in my possession the “Master Document” and have been able to finish the draft of this year’s brochure for the Kivilev. It has been despatched via email to the printers and… Continue Reading “Karaoke kings”

Surprisingly popular

Yesterday’s presentation of the club’s national junior and espoir teams passed  without a hitch. I like to think that this was entirely due to the amount of forward planning and preparation. All the club’s sponsors were in attendance along with the local dignitaries and the teams’ “Godfather”.… Continue Reading “Surprisingly popular”

Please can we have some more………….

The weather this week has been remarkably cold (for here) and I’ve not enjoyed venturing forth on two wheels much before 10:30-11:00am. Pretty much the same time that most club riders are heading back home for lunch. Happily, I have no such restrictions. Mind you,… Continue Reading “Please can we have some more………….”

Supersized disappointment

After my jaunt to the land of  supersized portions, you might be wondering how the regime is faring. I’m still on track, aided by the cold which has robbed me of my appetite. The US wasn’t too bad. I had porridge for breakfast, salads… Continue Reading “Supersized disappointment”

Unwanted gift

Fortunately, things went according to plan on Friday and we arrived home to find the coast bathed in sunshine. It was still cold, but nowhere as cold as either the US or UK. Having missed a day, I spent the remainder of Friday rushing around… Continue Reading “Unwanted gift”

Winter fare

It seems to me that every time I venture outdoors, I’m wearing more and more layers. We could well be in for a similarly cold, or even colder, winter to last year. That’s not a complaint, merely an observation. However, I’ll probably have to stop… Continue Reading “Winter fare”

Early morning energizer

My beloved was delayed 3 hours. I picked him up at the airport and dropped him off home before going down to the club. The Treasurer had done a great job in my absence however she had been assisted by M le President who, sadly, didn’t follow… Continue Reading “Early morning energizer”

Feeding frenzy

So many compliments and three marriage proposals, it’s almost enough to turn a girl’s head.  Yesterday it felt as if we were feeding the five thousand, although it was only around 600 cyclists and volunteers. My (in)famous pain d’epice garnered much praise, including some from… Continue Reading “Feeding frenzy”