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There’s a very pleasant citrusy fug in the apartment thanks to the gi-normous amount of Seville orange marmalade I have made. One of my clubmates kindly gave me a large quantity of Seville oranges which I felt honour bound to use. In addition, my beloved adores good quality English marmalade something one can’t… Continue Reading “Bottled”

Wooden spoons at the ready

I’m really enjoying the bike training programme. At the end of last week, I was feeling a bit fatigued but this week I seem to have had a second wind. On Mondays, I ride for an hour on the flat in a fasted state.… Continue Reading “Wooden spoons at the ready”

Extras please

As I mentioned yesterday, friends, who used to run a restaurant, are coming over for dinner this evening. Contrary to conventional wisdom, I regard dinner parties as an opportunity to experiment. I am attempting to reproduce the pork belly dish I had the other week… Continue Reading “Extras please”

Thank heavens, I’m back

It feels like I’ve been away for weeks, not four days. I’ll never moan about the weather here ever again. Coming in to land at Gatwick, I found myself looking out on a bleak wintery landscape swirling with snow. I bought myself a salad lunch… Continue Reading “Thank heavens, I’m back”

Did you want to lick the spoon?

If I can’t cycle, I might as well cook. Frankly, the fridge and freezer were looking a little bare and, with my beloved at home for yet another week (4th consecutive!), I felt the need to prepare myself for the onslaught. I was expecting… Continue Reading “Did you want to lick the spoon?”

No, it’s mine!

The sun appeared briefly yesterday before the rain reasserted itself once more. I’m therefore spending rather more time than anticipated on the home-trainer and down the gym, where I’ve cranked my routine up a few more notches to maintain momentum. Because we’re both resorting to the home… Continue Reading “No, it’s mine!”